Why vote for
Jason Salstrom?

Picture of Jason Salstrom


Lifetime commitment to service. Jason enlisted in the Army Airborne Infantry in the aftermath of Blackhawk Down. Worked on national security issues from Russia to the Middle East. Returned from overseas full-time to Southwest Indiana in 2012 to work on Veteran issues and creating a more competitive economy. Jason launched a business accelerator at USI in 2015, went neighborhood to neighborhood to help launch the Promise Zone, and was hired to launch Purdue@WestGate to bring Purdue's world-class entrepreneurship and technology capabilities to Southern Indiana, all to grow businesses, strengthen our workforce, and compete for 21st century prosperity for our community.


Experienced leadership. Jason has led at every step of his career, based on a reputation for understanding, strategy, and execution: from leading soldiers, to initiating and implementing new technology adoption in the corporate world, to managing projects and launching new initiatives with businesses, local, state, and federal government. Jason knows how to develop and lead men and women to achieve a vision through mission clarity, evidence driven strategy, and tactical excellence.


Expertise. Jason's military service taught him how to get things done. His corporate and entrepreneurial experience taught him how to compete in the marketplace and grow. Jason's graduate and PhD training taught him how to analyze social, economic, and political systems. Jason's experience testifying on Certified Technology Parks before the Indiana State Senate introduced him to the root cause of Indiana's failing competitiveness. 

Jason's recent initiatives have been recognized at the regional and state level for their impact serving Hoosiers. Last fall, Jason developed a vision and strategy that rallied 40 counties to sign-on and pursue federal funding to make Hoosier workforce and businesses more competitive, which is needed because the Statehouse is working against Hoosier prosperity.


Accountability. Jason strives to live by an old-fashioned concept of Honor by which a man or woman's self-worth is measured by their resumé of demonstrated character. He believes that one should be judged based on their trajectory, their measurable effort to be a better human being, rather than their current state. Knowing he is far from perfect, Jason defined his Values and dedicated a page on this website to those Values for his family, friends, colleagues and voters to hold him accountable. Jason wants to be remembered for always striving to be a better man, a lifetime of serving his country, and refusing to compromise his Values, regardless of the consequence.


Commitment to Indiana. Jason's parents, sister, and himself are all Hoosiers by choice. They all fell in love with Southwest Indiana. They left careers elsewhere to start new lives here over 20 years ago. They started and sold a business. Jason's sister became a teacher and had two girls and Jason married a Westside girl and had a son. Doing what needs to be done so our families, friends, and community can thrive here for another century is what drove Jason to run for office.

"Indiana has everything we need to turn things around and lead if we would just put Hoosiers back in charge -- not Statehouse politicians."

because You having more say is critical to Hoosier prosperity.