• Jason Salstrom

Why the Buffalo?

The number one question people ask me is "Why the buffalo?" (Some say bison). There are three reasons why I chose the buffalo logo instead of using the Democrat's donkey logo (or the Republican's elephant logo):

  1. The New York donkeys (and elephants) that are temporarily dominating the parties do not represent me. (see upcoming "DNA" Blog post explaining "temporarily dominating")

  2. Very few Hoosiers are represented by the national donkeys or elephants.

  3. As far as I am concerned, any donkey, elephant, or other so-called American that sows division among Americans (us vs them) should be recognized for the aid and comfort they willingly provide America's enemies.

"Divide and conquer" has always been the strategy of America's enemies.

Finally, the strength of the Hoosier buffalo, when our vision for a revived, thriving, competing Indiana is achieved, as an early traveler had the following to say about the Hoosier bison, our competition will say similar of our workforce and businesses: "The amazing herd of buffaloes [Hoosiers] which resort thither [in southwest Indiana] by their size and shape [competitive advantages] fill the traveler [the competition] with amazement and terror, especially when he beholds the prodigious roads [growth into new markets] they have made from all quarters [from legacy industries to startups]." (quoted from "Herds of bison once roamed our prairies", by Harold Allison, Jan 25, 2016, Washington Times Herald, with [bracketed] additions by Jason Salstrom).

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