This is what the Statehouse has accomplished

Since 2007, Indiana has fallen 40% below the national average in industry competitiveness and ranks 46th out of 50 in wage growth.

Indiana GPS Project Report

Brookings Institute (funded by CICP)

"The government closest to the people serves the people best." ~ Thomas Jefferson

Hoosiers for Local Control
the committee to elect

State Representative District 78

Picture of Jason Salstrom

"I am running to return Indiana to local control of our schools, businesses, and government because a generation of concentrating power in Indy has failed Hoosiers. It is time for Indiana to compete again and lead, instead of falling behind. It's time to end failed central planning from Indy and lead the nation with vision and strategy."

because You having more say is critical to Hoosier prosperity.


From serving our country in and out of uniform to a decade of helping Hoosiers launch and grow businesses, Jason has learned what it will take for Indiana to compete and thrive in the 21st century economy.


Concentrating power in Indianapolis has made our state weak and unable to respond to challenges or seize opportunities.


The capacity to produce and maintain a skilled workforce is the critical competitive advantage in the 21st century.


Competitive advantage in production, increasing earnings and wages, is driven by Industry 4.0

technology adoption.


Indiana's high health care costs are not just a burden on Hoosiers, but also reduce the competitiveness of our businesses.


Statehouse negligence or  complicit support has put the interests of utility corporations ahead of Hoosier wellbeing.

Addiction &
Mental Health

These illnesses must be treated with the same empathy and resources as  the diseases of other organs of the body.


Statehouse neglect and politicization of our education system is putting our children's future at risk, as well as Indiana's.

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"Over the past few decades, our legislature has allowed education to
deteriorate, and pressed down hard on the ability for local communities to enjoy self-government... Localities are treated like
out-of-control children, incapable of functioning and requiring strict
regulation and unbending discipline."

Morton Marcus

Former Director, Indiana Business Research Center

Eye on the Pie

because You having more say is critical to Hoosier prosperity.

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